Gravitation | Engagement | Growth

We provide incisive content for wine businesses. Our mission is to rarefy brands and trigger sales.

We uncover stories. We draft websites, email blasts, and social media yarns, informed by nearly 25 years spent selling wine belly-to-belly, page-to-eye.

We can illuminate your brand by driving to the heart of what makes your winery meaningful and unique. And with our network of trusted digital marketers and designers, we can serve you as a cost-effective, “à la carte” agency for all your branding, marketing, and e-commerce needs. 

Our name is inspired by the Roman poet Virgil, who in 29 B.C. wrote “Bacchus, lastly, loves open hills,” which means possibility, the generosity of the Earth, and growth.

We want to work with you in this spirit of opportunity and help you grow.


Open Hill Creative is a copywriting and content strategy firm led by Chris Poulos, a veteran of luxury winery DTC, importing, distribution, and retail. Grounded by over 20 years of hands-on sales experience, we offer a perspective that very few agencies possess.


Web sites. Email blasts. Branding themes. Social media stories. Packaging and print collateral. We get a charge out of revealing your unique story, to spark the kind of contagious enthusiasm that sells wine.