Web Site Content and Revision

Whether you’re launching a new brand or want to refresh your existing site, my only goal is to unveil the core identity of your brand and burnish its magnetism. What is the winery’s reason for being? Who are the real people behind it? What are their values?

Email Marketing

As someone who has been selling wine via email since 2000, I have learned by doing. I create subject lines that maximize your open rate. I know how to craft an irresistible taste experience in the reader’s mind. I unfurl your wines’ essential features and arouse a desire to purchase. I craft a compelling call to action that moves the customer to click through and BUY. Email blasts offer your single best ROI among my array of services.

Branding and Rebranding Concepts

Significant form. Beauty is truth, truth is beauty. Authenticity arouses curiosity. Your tribe is out there. They will respond to your brand when it flows authentically, directly from you. Effective branding is absolutely indispensable. No amount of advertising—of even the most exquisite product—will overcome mute branding. Before you begin, let’s work together to uncover your stories that will resonate with wine lovers.

Social Media and Blog Posts

We’ve been there. Things are flowing fast and furious in the winery, and it always seems like there is never time to crank out an interesting, thought-provoking post to keep your customers engaged. Social media should serve one purpose: to enhance the charisma and gravitation of your brand. I can offer concise, thoughtful stories and video scripts that cut to the essence of your business and hold customer interest. In Open Hill you’ll find a wine-literate source of ideas and quick turnaround. Let’s put them on a calendar.


Ok, so the wine’s off the shelf. Now what? How is this wine going to make me feel? How will it make me look? What are the hooks that will close the sale? Let’s move beyond simple, dry tasting notes and write a label that beckons the senses and arouses curiosity. Let’s write labels that give the customer a feeling of elegance and luxury.

Fact Sheets and Sales Brochures

As someone who has worked as a buyer, wine rep, and sales manager, I know which selling features drive decision-making in the trade. Does a buyer care about a wine’s PH? Probably not. Do they need to know that your vines are own-rooted and 30 years old? Absolutely. My 20+ years of experience help your buyers make (and reinforce) confident buying decisions around your wines. Do not overlook the humble fact sheet.

Press Releases

Why sign up with an expensive PR firm to create punchy, timely, interesting press releases? I can create them for you and show you how to disseminate them on the wire yourself.


Do you ever need a second or third pair of eyes to look over your work? Is your copy missing something that you can’t put your finger on? Are you the guardian of your message, but it just needs buffing? Let’s talk.

General Wine Consulting

Wine collection appraisals and brokering. Flat-fee wine investment advice, including sourcing strategy. Retail wine lists. This old trucker has done it. Just call.